PeopleSoft Integration Tools II Rel 8.53

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PeopleSoft Integration Tools II expands on the skills acquired in PeopleSoft Integration Tools I. In this 4-day course, you’ll learn how to integrate with third-party systems by providing and consuming web services. You will also learn how to create and implement REST web services.Students will learn to: Provide and consume web services; Use additional testing utilities; Including Send Master and SoapUI; Create and use documents for integrations; and Provide and consume REST web services with third-party systems.You ensure smooth and efficient integrations of your PeopleSoft applications with other PeopleSoft databases and third-party systems to help your organization quickly adapt to competitive and customer challenges. You'll learn to publish services with PeopleSoft as the service provider and consume services available from third-party systems. By enrolling in this course will give you hands-on experience creating documents, document templates, and REST web services.

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Network AdministratorTechnical ConsultantTechnical AdministratorSystem AdministratorDeveloper


Provide and consume web services with third-party systemsTest service operations and web servicesCreate and use documents for integrationsCreate and use REST web servicesConfigure PeopleSoft Integration Broker

Technology Overview - Describing the Integration Network - Describing Web Services - Describing Test Utilities - Describing Document Technology - Describing Restful Web Services - How to find information about PeopleSoft products in PeopleSoft online helpConfiguring Integration Broker - Reviewing Intergration Broker - Reviewing the Integration Network WorkCenterProviding and Consuming Web Services - Integrating with Third-Party Systems - Providing Web Services - Testing Service Operations Using soapUI - Consuming Web Services - Creating a Mock Web Service for TestingTesting Service Operations - Describing the Send Master Utility - Identifying the Send Master Project Types - Creating an Integration Broker Project - Testing SOAP MessagesCreating Documents - Describing Document Technology - Describing Document Components - Setting Document Options - Using Document Builder - Adding Documents - Adding Primitives - Adding Compound Elements - Adding CollectionsManaging Formatted Documents - Defining Schema Details - Exporting Documents - Testing Documents - Managing Relational-Formatted Documents - Mapping JSON Documents Populating and Retrieving Document Data - Describing Document Classes - Populating a Document with Data - Retrieving Data from a Document - Adding RoutingsUsing Document Utilities - Testing a Document Schema - Creating Document from Schema - Updating Target Location - Validating Document References to MetadataMaintaining Documents - Copying Documents - Renaming and Deleting Documents - Securing Documents - Migrating DocumentsCreating Document-Based Service Operations - Creating Document Messages - Creating Document-Based Service Operations - Publishing a Document-Based Asynchronous Service Operation - Creating the Service Operation HandlerDescribing RESTful Web Services - Describing Web Services - Describing Service Oriented Architecture - Describing Resource Oriented Architecture - Describing ROA PropertiesDesigning RESTful Web Services - Designing a REST Service - Setting Up REST Web Service Target Location - Creating a Document Template - Creating a Document Message TemplateCreating a REST Service and GET Service Operations - Creating a REST Service - Defining the REST Resource - Defining Default Service OperationCreating Handlers for REST Service Operations - Creating a REST Handler - Creating a GET Handler in HTML Format - Adding the Handler to Service OperationCreating and Testing Other HTTP Methods - Creating POST and PUT Service Operations - Adding Header Information - Creating DELETE Service Operation - Testing REST Service Operations in Handler Tester - Testing REST Service Operations in Send MasterProviding REST Services - Providing REST Service - Using the WADL to Consume a Web Service - Migrating REST Service Definitions to Another PeopleSoft DatabaseConsuming REST Services - Consuming a REST Service - Creating a Consumer REST Service - Invoking REST Web Service