Drupal 7 Layout and Theming

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In this two day course you'll learn a variety of approaches to making dynamic layouts in Drupal, and how to choose the right approach for your site. You will learn techniques and best practices for configuring a flexible and extendable layout for your site, then you'll learn how to get more control over the look and feel by creating a custom theme in Drupal.By the end of the course, you'll know how to save yourself time in making easy to configure, responsive and smart layouts. You will also understand best practices in making your site secure and fast, and easy to maintain.

Required Skills: 

Prerequisites: Required site building skills are outlined on our Drupal in a Day and Site Building course descriptions.Familiarity with HTML and CSS is required. PHP is not required.


Create custom layouts for landing pages on your site. Make content appear dynamically based on where you are in the site structure. Change the look of sections on your site. Create a custom theme in Drupal.Learn the essential PHP you need to make a theme in Drupal.Create a responsive theme in Drupal.Best practices for sustainable theming.Understand when to configure and when to code.